If You Suspect a Urinary Track Infection in Your Dog!

It was not an ideal day when my Lola had two “accidents” within one hour, in spite of being outside, in the back yard, at least four times during that day. First, I thought she might be mad at me for having the nerve to leave her alone in the house for 2 hours??? but that was not possible, she has the best temperament one could wish for… “revenge” would be more like in  Duke’s nature ( he is my companion boxer, and he was fine!)

Then she started to strain when urinating and finally, to convince me this was a very serious problem, I saw BLOOD in her urine!!!

I immediately called our vet, and he diagnosed her with a urinary track infection (UTI). He prescribed an antibiotic,and the symptoms were resolved in a few days. However, we knew it was important to finished the entire course of the treatment. Lola was “begging” for the medicine, since I was coating it in cream cheese or peanut butter:)

Sometimes, there is the temptation to STOP the treatment once the symptoms are gone, but this is very dangerous and does more harm than good. The bad bacteria is still there, a little disoriented and dizzy 🙂 but NOT dead, so finishing the entire course of the treatment, as prescribed by the vet is essential for complete recovery.

IF YOUR DOG  SUDDENLY starts having “accidents” (and before she was potty trained), starts straining when she urinates, urinates with blood, she MIGHT have an UTI. Of course common sense tells us if these symptoms occur to immediately take her to a vet. If the diagnosis is an UIT your vet will probably prescribe an antibiotic.

It is VERY important to treat an UIT IMMEDIATELY because if left untreated it affects the kidneys.

If your dog takes an antibiotic, just like in humans, the antibiotic “kills” the bad bacteria in the intestinal track, but also the good bacteria. For that reason, it is important to give your dog a good probiotic which helps rebuilding and maintaining the good bacteria in the intestinal flora. Probiotics also  help improve the immune system. For general health improvement, give your dog and yourself a :treat” of yogurt:) which contains probiotics.


Probiotics must be FRESH in order to work. I keep the probiotics in the refrigerator. For my dogs I use Natren’s Caninedophilus-Probiotic Ferment Gel for Dogs.

For me:) I take a probiotic which years ago saved my daughter’s life. It is called VSL3. This product comes Federal Express, in a special refrigerated package, so one knows the product is fresh. The VSL3 is a probiotic for HUMANS, not dogs, but I thought I’d share, because we, humans, must keep in good health to care for our pet companions!

I’d also like to share what we do now PREVENTIVELY, so another UIT doesn’t “attacj” Lola again!

UITs are very dangerous, especially  in female dogs because they have a short urinary  track and the infection travels quickly to the kidneys.

1.  Hygene — wipe your dog’s butt:) after she goes out (this measure takes unconditional love:).

2. If she is a poop eater:( stop her before it is too late! It is believed that this bad habit is caused by a vitamin B defficincy. There is a product available,” Nixit” which might stop the habit.

3. Give your companion dog plenty of fresh water.

4. As in humans, cranberry juice would help, but HOW could you give cranberry juice to a dog and call it a treat? To solve this problem,ONLY NATURAL PET, sells an excellent product in capsule form, ” Kidney Support,” which in addition  to cranberry juice extract, it has other natural ingredients which are known to improve kidney function.

5. Give your dog citrus  fruit as treats. I consider myself lucky because all my dogs love slices of oranges.

For the moment I can’t think of anything else which might help other humans, lovers of dogs who suffer from UITs, but I hope this information is useful to someone.

As always, I welcome and look forward to your comments and perhaps shares of others do for this condition.

Of course,  this post is for information purposes ONLY and a share of my personal experience.

Wishing everyone a stress free weekend!



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