Foods That May Harm Your Dog!

It’s been on my mind to compile a fairly comprehensive list of foods we should not feed our beloved companions. It was when Lola almost snitched a piece of chocolate off the counter that I realized I should not delay! Yes, I did not that much: NO chocolate!

To compile my list I used several sources which I think are reliable: “People Foods that Can Kill Your Pet 5/9/2008, What-Food-Haarm-Dog and finally  I did not go into the details of the articles which specifically tell us WHY these foods are harmful. I thought if you wish to know the details, I provided the sources.

Here’s the sum up:

1. NO Chocolate

2. NO grapes or raising

3. NO avocados

4. NO onions or garlic

5. NO bones

6. NO raw meats

7. NO Candy, coffee or cafeinated products or tea

8. NO nuts, especially macademia nuts

9. NO fruits with seeds or ernels such as plums or peaches

10. NO alcoholic beverages, not even BEER!

11. No milk porducts including ice cream

12. NO fatty, spicy, salty products

13. NO peppers, popcorn

14. No moldy cheeses

15. No cherries

16. No procesed foods

17. NO raw eggs

18. NO baked goods sweetened with xylitol

19.  NO Human medications such acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

20.  Other poisunous ingredients: baking soda and baking powder.

In case of emergency call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control: 888 426-4435


1. Lean cooked meat

2. Cooked white rice and lean chicken (good when dog has gstrointestinal problems)

3. Cooked potatoes ONLY

4. Carrot sticks, green beans,  apples, orange slices, bananas, watermellon


One of the articles was not recommending oranges or apples but the other two did. I am under the impression it is the seeds from these fruits that must be removed, but use your good judgement and additional research.

5. Cooked pasta

6. High quality dog food, fro my personal experience I suggest you check the percentage of protein to be at least 25%. They are carnivores and do need high protein content.

Hope this is helpful.

Enjoy your BEST friends:)




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