Natural Suppliments for Your Dogs

ImageImageImageThis morning, as I was coating various dog suppliments in either cream cheese or peanut butter, for my beloved companion dogs, I realize that I am more faithful in giving them their suppliments than I am taking mine!:)

Lola, the baby of the family, is turning a year in November. She has an older “sister,” Sophie, and “brother,” Duke.

The older one gets, the more suppliments, and Sophie, who is a 12-year old Westy, takes the most. 

In addition to what I give everyone she takes a Kidney Support pill  in which the main ingredient is cranberry juice (just like a human).

They all take a Daily multi vitamin, Lola’s for puppies, the other two for adults.. I bought the multi vitamins at Walmart, but the other suppliments I got from two of my favorite sites for pets: and

Only Natural Pets offers a generous 15% off to first time buyers!

Duke, who is a superb male boxer, has suffered from separation anxiety all his life. I believe that  was why he was taken back to the rescue several times, before he found a home with me, at last. However, even as careful as I were, somehow he managed to crawl up a 7 feet fence (NOT jump, but literally crawl it up)).

A vet told me to give him Zanax, and when I went to the pharmacy with the script and inquired, the pharmacist sternly told me in school they learned on side effects on humans, not dogs! Zanax was not a solution and I have been in search of something to calm Duke for years.

A few weeks ago I came across, on the site Entirely pets, a natural suppliment Tranquil-Tabs.The main ingredients are Passionflower and L-Tryptophan. It made miracles for Duke!

Okay… this post is getting too long, but there are JUST THREE other suppliments to mention and ALL my dogs take them:

A Joint Treats, which is very tasty and it contains among other healthy ingredients, glucosamine, Vit. E manganese and zinc. 

The second  “pill” is a must for both humans and pets: FISH OIL! Omega-Caps. The benefits of this suppliment are scientifically documented as helping in heart conditions and  as an anti inflammatory. Studies also suggest that it helps with depression in humans, in combination with vit. E and vit. C.

The LAST suppliment I’d like to mention is Brewer’s Yeast and GImagearlic Tabs which promotes healthy skin and coat and minimizes normal shedding.

So… let’s count:  6 suppliments total if my math is correct.

The benefit? Three happy, healthy dogs and saving on vet visits.

Happy supplementing:) 



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