Lola’s Summer Days! Not for sensitive stomachs

In summer time everything seems to slow down, even the dogs’ energy is at an all time’s low. Plenty of water, air conditioning while regularly spraying them with the mint and lavander mixture, so they smell like a garden in bloom:) helps!

The big event during the month of July was that a stool specimen showed Lola had whip worms! A quick read made me understand this was no joking matter, as the whip worms could be extreemly dangerous if not treated properly and promptly.

I researched several pets’ meds web sites  in a desperate attempt to save money and treat my dog properly.  I found that the best for my Lola’s needs was I  promptly purchased several great products at convenient prices.

The Panacur C Canine Powder dewormer seemed to be the only to treat whip worms. Because of the good price I was able to treat preventively all my dogs..

The lesson I learned was to  have regular stool checks for my dogs  even if I think they are fine. Of course, most importantly, in six weeks after the deworming treatment they will  go back to the vet for to be checked.

Meanwhile, everyone  is happy and hot!

Have a good rest of the summer everyone and next weekend, please check out the NEW BLOG for stories which will SAVE YOU MONEY and more!


ImageAnother product I purchased, NIXIT, as research shows it is because of a lack of B-vitamins that some dogs delight in eating other dog’s excrements, or as in Lola’s case anything that one could or could not imagine. A true toddler, she is:)

Did you know it takes over $2,000 to remove a chicken bone from a dog’s intestinal track?


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