Fresh Minty Spray for Dogs– Repels insects

Once mint starts to grow in one’s yard you literally must either open a tea shop or invent some other ways to use it to the benefit of someone. It is, after all, a wonderful plant and its smell is refreshing, and beneficial. It keeps away insects, even fleas.

My new  garden in which I  grow some vegetables, perenials  and herbs looks decent. Not superb, but it’s getting there.

This year mint took over and every other day a pick two handful of mint leaves, and chop them, put them in a glass jar covered  and add  2 ounces of rubbing alcohol and water and leave it for a couple of days in the refrigerator.

The third day, I sweeze the leaves and the resulted liquid. It does smell devine. The liquid  is placed in a spray bottle and more water is added in the bottle. If the smell is not strong enough, and it really shouldn’t be for the sake of your dog, you might drop 2-3 drops of peppering essential oil , bt it might be too strong. I keep it refrigerated and tried personally. The most refreshing feeling!

I spray my dogs daily (keeping away from their eyes and face) and especially when it is hot outside they love it. They smell so fresh, I wouldn’t call it dog smell!ImageImageImage


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