Dog Treat Recipe

Just sharing this recipe, as it is a product of my imagination and desire to have happy dogs. So far so good:)

Rice– 2 cups (cooked)

Chcken livers (2-3) cooked

Green string beans (half a can) cooked

Carrots (half a big carrot) cooked

2 Eggs stir in slowly before you bake mix

Little parmesan cheese stir in

Cook mix well on tove first and  stir together, pour in tray coated with oil (so it doesn’t stick to the bottom)

Bake at 375 until composition hardens but is not burned. It will continue to harden after you take it out of oven and it cools off.

Let cool and cut in cubes.

Summer tip:  Placed the cube in freezer  and give them to my dogs Sophie as super treats. They love them, but what do they know?:)Image


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For the love of writing and pets I was inspired to start this new blog, Life with BB Lola (for Beautiful and Brilliant) For more on the author, please visit my book's site, or my other blogs on Word Press.
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