Mirror, Mirror in the Bowl, Who’s the Fairest of Them All???

Today is April Fool’s Day but so far I haven’t been punked! Frankly, it would be hard to fool me… I think.


The day was going as planned, or rather not going anywhere, as I dragged myself outside, let the dogs play, gave them their favorite treats and just enjoyed watching their cae-free life.

Oh! but wait! Lola, the puppy who is not a puppy, I secretly concluded, but the reincarnation of an old soul , stares in the water bowl and sees her own reflxion and tries to get her own image out of the water bowl! Such amazing behavior needs to be documented and I quickly get out the camera and click, click… closer and closer.

I  start import the pictures, but Lola surprizes me again and as I stop paying attention to her for a second, she steals the toilet paper and takes it in my bd! There isprobably nothing better than snacking on toilet paper in your owner’s bed (or does she own me?) So… before I save the toilet paper roll I take a picture of Lola in my bed, eating the roll!

As all these photo studio activities take place, Sophie looks at it all and because she represents the age of wisdom, I photogaph her too. There is no age discrimination in this household.

After all is done and done, I look in the water bowl and…detct a few grains of rice from the treats I gave them  earlier, which Lola tried to get at and couldn’t.  

Still, it was cute and  even if she might not be some old soul in a puppy’s body, because it is April First, I could claim Lola is so smart she punked me!  Old souls, new souls, I love them all.


About lifewithbblola

For the love of writing and pets I was inspired to start this new blog, Life with BB Lola (for Beautiful and Brilliant) For more on the author, please visit my book's site, www.thegypsysawtwolives.com or my other blogs on Word Press.
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