Home-Made Treats for Everyone

A few days ago Lola was chewing on “something” which made a clicky noise. Oh, I thought, it’s a paper clip, and rushed to her rescue. Got my hand into her mouth, tried to get out the object… on a third attempt a miniscule white object fell out. I put my glassed on: it was her baby tooth! Cute, Lola’s baby tooth. She seemed sad, or so i interpreted.
Does The Tooth Fairy come to puppies. They sure don’t need money, but what money could buy.
How about home-made dog treats! I searched a little and came across an awsome all natural dog treats site: http://www.all-natural-dog-treat.com. I highly recommend. I picked three recipes and so far I made two. Both delicious, nutritious and easy to make… and yes, I did taste them:) personally.
You could get them at the site mentioned above, but here is the one I modified slightly because I could not find pumkin. It is a soft treat, perfect for Lola who is loosing her baby teeth, but everyone else benefits too.
15 oz can pure pumkin (I substituted with 2 large yams, which I boiled and pured)
3/4 cup Cream of wheat (dry)
1/2 Instant dry milk (the recipee asked for dry powdered milk– don’t know if it’s the same with instant, but it worked)
Mix well all three ingredients, greese a cookie sheet and drop small spoonfulls. Bake at 300 for about 15-20 minutes until done.
The Tooth Fairy came to the older dogs too, a little late, but as the picture tells, they all appreciated and were very, very good and “disciplined!”

It doesn’t get any better for a dogs’ life!


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For the love of writing and pets I was inspired to start this new blog, Life with BB Lola (for Beautiful and Brilliant) For more on the author, please visit my book's site, www.thegypsysawtwolives.com or my other blogs on Word Press.
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