Breathe like a puppy! Relax!

Lola has been with us for about a month now and it seems she has always been here. She revived Duke, Sophie and of course, me. There is nothing like having a puppy, scrubbing carpets, saying “no,” ten times more often than you would like, but on the other side, I forget all the hardships when I watch their innocent play, I observe their relaxed sleep and natural breathing: tummy goes out when puppy breathes in and flat when it breathes out. The “abdominal” breating we, human try to master in yoga classes. Watch a puppy… learn… relax into the beauty of life and truly leave in the moment! They do!


About lifewithbblola

For the love of writing and pets I was inspired to start this new blog, Life with BB Lola (for Beautiful and Brilliant) For more on the author, please visit my book's site, or my other blogs on Word Press.
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