Silent Treatment Doesn’t Work!

I was so excited to have rediscovered the simple concept that I am to give no attention, not even negative, to Lola if she misbehaves or worse, does inside the house what she is supposed to do outside. So, according to instructions, when this happened, I silently took her to her crate. I cleaned without making the oh. uh noises which traditionally accompanied this task. It was hard to keep silent, a neuter attitude, especially when looking at her cute face and innocent eyes, like ‘what???” Well my torment came to an end today, when I caught her in the act, and before I even turned around completely to “silently” place her in her crate, she went in the crate on her own! So much for silent treatment. Lola is just too smart for a dog… may be she is not a dog???


About lifewithbblola

For the love of writing and pets I was inspired to start this new blog, Life with BB Lola (for Beautiful and Brilliant) For more on the author, please visit my book's site, or my other blogs on Word Press.
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