Confusing Lola: attention at all cost!

Confusing Lola: attention at all cost!

Duke and Lola play non-stop, except when she sleeps. It continues to amaze me how Duke, who a few years ago lost several “homes” because he was labeled a “difficult dog,” just knows how to play with a fragile puppy. Lola indeed gets what Lola wants, except for the consistency necessary in house breaking her. Mom (this is me:)) subscribed to a free on line mini course and the one tip she learned (was reminded) was that it is ALL about getting attention, negative or positive. In other words, if Lola does her business in the house, my normal reaction would be to say “NO, Lola,: and scold her. If she does what I expect her to do outside, then she gets praised in a baby-like voice: “Good girl, Lola,” and I pat her, even give her a treat.
I have trained many puppies in this manner, and although I should have known from my human parenting it wasn’t the bet way, I never thought about it this way: in both situations I was giving Lola attention- negative when she was doing what I didn’t want her to do inside the house, and positive, if she was doing what I was expecting her to do outside. In either situation Lola was getting attention, which according to my mini-training course on line was confusing Lola, who was seeking attention, no matter how, negative or positive. So, the mini-course further suggests, when Lola does something I don’t know inside the house, without a word take her, place her in the crate and ignore her. When she does what she is expected in the yard, give her a treat and pat her. In this way there is no confusion n Lola’s mind who is only seeking attention, at any cost!


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